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Horses For Lease

Want the joy of owning a horse, without the expense of having your own? We usually have a limited number of quality horses available for lease.  By leasing a horse, you will have the freedom to ride on your own schedule, in addition to your lessons. You will also have the privilege of showing the horse.  Leasing a horse has great advantages- most importantly you can ride a quality horse without having to spend the upfront money to purchase the horse.

We usually have two options for the horses or ponies available to lease.  There is a “full lease”, which means that you pay an upfront lease fee to lease the horse for a specific period of time.  During this time, you treat the horse like it is your own,and you are responsible for all expenses including items such as board, vet bills, farrier expense, insurance, and any other cost associates with the horse.  You have full use of the horse at all times, just as if it were your own.

A more affordable option is our “partial lease.”  With this option, you still have an upfront lease fee; however, you pay one flat monthly fee that includes all expenses including a certain number of lessons!  With this option, the horse or pony will remain in our lesson program, but you will have first dibs on when you want to use the horse for your lessons and also for shows.  Many people choose this option due to finances, but others choose the full lease so they don’t have to “share” the horse.  It is entirely up to you!

If leasing a horse interests you, please Contact Us for more information.


Current Horses/Ponies Available for Lease or sale: