Lesson and Training Prices



Crazy day at the farm
Crazy day at the farm



We charge the same amount for lessons and training rides for your horses.  We allow you to purchase one package and use for either lessons or training rides or a combination of both.  Packages include group lessons only.  If you purchase a package, we do not allow rollovers from month to month, unless it is due to extreme weather or sickness and cannot be made up within that same month.  If any rollovers are allowed, you must use them up during the following month.


Boarder Rates- package prices are for Group lesson only:

Single Lesson:  $45.00 for Group, $65.00 for Private

4 Lesson Package:  $180.00

8 Lesson Package:  $320.00

10 Lesson Package:  $400.00

12 Lesson Package:  $475.00


Non-Boarder Rates- Group lessons:

First Lesson/assessment and any requested private lessons:  $75.00 for an hour

Single Lesson:  $55.00 for 45 minutes to hour

4 Lesson Package (45-60 minute lessons):  $200.00

8 Lesson Package (45-60 minute lessons):  $375.00

10 Lesson Package (45-60 minute lessons):  $450.00


Non-Boarder Rates- Group lessons:

Thirty minute lessons for the beginners and younger children:  $35.00 each

4 Lesson Package (30 minute lessons):  $120.00




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Horse Show Training Fees

Young rider at the Cameron Oaks Fall Show.
Young rider at the Cameron Oaks Fall Show.

Schooling at Shows:                                     $50.00/Day plus charges for prep if required

Horse care at Local Rated Shows:                             $50.00/Day  for Full care including mucking stall, wrapping legs, as well as feeding and watering-   Please note that horse care is required if you wish to stable with Cameron Oaks Farm.  You also will be able to have use of the grooming areas, feed room, and tack room, as well as the lounge area.

Daycare at A Rated Shows:                                         $75.00/Day Full Care / $45.00/Day partial care (hay, feed, water only.)

Per Diem at Shows:                                                  $20/day for food and actual hotel bill will be split between all horses that attend.  This includes all of their expenses, including hotel and meals!

Trainer Showing Your Horse:                                     $30.00/Division local shows, $50.00/Division A Shows


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Kids at "Unicorn Camp."
Kids at “Unicorn Camp.”

Every year, Cameron Oaks Farm offers many camps during the summer, and also over Christmas and Spring Breaks.  We offer both two-day and four-day camps geared at certain age groups and experience.

Unicorn Camp

This specialty theme camp is perfect for beginning through novice level riders.  In this very focused and intensive short camp, our youngest riders (age 5-8) are introduced to handling and riding horses.In addition to lots of pony time, our campers enjoy everything unicorn: arts & crafts, stories & songs, games& jokes. By the end of camp, they will even get to ride a unicorn! Space is very limited for this camp, so register early!

ALL UNICORN CAMPS FOR 2015 FILLED UP WITHIN24 HOURS!!!  PLEASE CONTACT US TO GET ON THE LIST FOR 2016.  To register, email Megan Coggin at cogginan@bellsouth.net.

Dates:  June 4th, 2016 – June 9th, 2016 (FULL), June 13th, 2016 – June 16th, 2016, June 18th, 2016 – June 21st, 2016


Campers at the cabin
Campers at the cabin


Equine Inspirations Camp – Contact Megan Coggin to get on the list for 2016. 

This unique camp not only further develops intermediate riding skills, it also provides a canvas for artistic expression across a variety of mediums. Each day begins with horse care and a technical riding session with one of the Cameron Oaks trainers. After working with the horses, we’ll retreat to our artist’s enclave to study horses in art and design our own creative expressions. Limited spots available . Camp meets 8:00-12:00 Monday -Wednesday, and 8:00-4:00 Thursday, followed by an evening art exhibit for friends and family.

Dates:  July 25th, 2016 – July 28th, 2016


Ages: 9 and up.

Registration: cogginan@bellsouth.net




Horsemanship Camp

Our long-loved camp brings old friends back together and introduces new friends to our Cameron Oaks family.  Campers spend their days learning all about horses!  Attention is given to all the basics from the ground up, with lots of time riding every day too!  Camp meets 9:00-4:00 Monday – Thursday.  Parents and friends welcome to join us Thursday at 4:00 for a bonfire and cook-out.

Dates:  June 27th, 2016 – June 30th, 2016, July 11th, 2016 – July 14th, 2016

Cost:  $450
Ages:  8 and up
Riding Experience:  beginner and up.
Registration:  deanahunter@charter.net




Seleta, from Simply Seleta, came to Cameron Oaks and later shared her thoughts on the horse happenings here on her blog

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