ponies in pony barn

I'd like to take a shot at explaining why I'm pretty sure Cameron Oaks Farm is just about the happiest place on earth! It's happy because at Cameron Oaks people truly care about the welfare of the horses. It's happy because the trainers not only know their stuff, but also know how to share their knowledge effectively, imparting confidence and joy. It's happy because riders learn to take pleasure in accomplishment, both their own and that of others. It's happy because the kids there make each other smile instead of cry. It's happy because there's always someone willing to answer a question or lend a hand. It's happy because while ribbons are treasured, good sportsmanship and fair play are required. It's happy because the whole family, riders or not, can enjoy spending time there - in fact, the only problem may be finding a way to make them glad to head off in another direction. And last but not least, from my own point of view, it's happy because even a high-maintenance, worrying horse mama like me can relax and know her mud-loving baby is is in good hands. Sorry Disney, you're good, but not good enough, to keep the title of Happiest Place with Cameron Oaks in the competition!:-)

Jaynn K.

My daughter Jill, a little horse lover, asked for riding lessons and a barn for Christmas when she was five years old. The barn I knew Santa could handle. I had seen one of those at the Tack Shop, but riding lessons? Little did at know that at that very time my son, Luke, age 3 was playing soccer with a little boy whose Mom was a trainer. I happened to mention one day to this Mom that my daughter had this crazy idea that she wanted to ride horses. She laughed and said, that's what I do, teach kids to ride. She printed me a gift certificate for four lessons at Cameron Oaks Farm and the rest is history! My daughter has been riding now for just over two years and for her seventh birthday, she got her first pony, Sporty Model, more affectionately known as Sporty Lou! We owe so much to Deana Hunter for introducing our daughter to the love of her life, horses! Cameron Oaks Farm is one of our most favorite places on the planet and I am not exaggerating! We have offered to stay longer on vacations to which Jill has emphatically responded, "No! I have to get back to the farm!" No where else is my daughter more in her element or happier than she is at this farm. We can be there from sun up to sun down and when I say that it is time to go home her response is always, "Already? But we just got here!" Our entire family loves this place. While Jill rides my youngest and oldest can be found playing a game of football with the boys or building a fort with all Mr. Jason's sticks! There is just something about this place that makes us happy, truly happy! I cannot leave without mentioning those who work at Cameron Oaks that make it what it is. The trainers are simply the BEST as well as those who take care of all the "fur children." And the owner of Cameron Oaks, Susie Clements, she has a wealth of horse knowledge and is always available to answer questions or pitch in when needed. (I think she has had to catch our rouge pony on at least one occasion.) To our family there really is no other place like Cameron Oaks Farm. Thank you Susie for sharing it with us! Our lives have been forever changed by this place!

Leigh Ann Alexander

We have been boarding/riding at COF for approximately 5 years and LOVE it!! COF offers the best facilities and care of the horses, along with being the most family friendly farm in the Birmingham area. Unlike other barns, COF is open to enjoy with your horse /pony and the entire family without having "barn hours", which is just another one of the many reasons we love COF and our barn family!

The Dreaden Family:)

We brought our 14 year old daughter to Cameron Oaks for riding lessons about 6 months ago. She fell in love with riding and Cameron Oaks. A couple months later, we were the proud owner of 2 horses that we board there. We are so grateful for the attention and loving care our horses receive every day. Our daughter loves the opportunities she's given to assist with the other horses at the farm. The lesson program is fantastic and we love the trainers. We also have a toddler and visiting the barn is his favorite thing to do. Cameron Oaks is the perfect place for the whole family! Thank you to everyone at Cameron Oaks for making us feel like it's our 2nd home!

Amber S.

I want to add to all the positive comments I'm sure you must receive on a regular basis. We've had two wonderful outings to Cameron Oaks, and my grand-daughter, Anne, learned a lot about horses, safety, and riding from a truly remarkable young lady named Amber. I've done a bit of teaching over the years, so I know a great approach when I see one.... and I saw one. Amber was patient, encouraging, and thorough, and Anne responded well. We wanted a good introduction to riding for Anne, and we certainly found one at Cameron Oaks with Amber's tutelage. We're not sure which of her activities Anne will choose as a major focus, but she has really enjoyed these outings. Thank you, and thank Amber for all you provided.

Sandy Hughes

Hi!! Our little girl Vivian turned 6 this month and we had purchased a Groupon for two horseback riding lessons for her and thought this was a great time for her to enjoy it!!

We were blown away by your beautiful farm!! Every part of it from the new tack shop, arenas, stables, gathering room was wonderfully designed and breath taking to see!! We enjoyed our time there so much!!!

I also wanted to say that Amber, who conducted Vivian’s two lessons was outstanding!!! She was so patient and kind and did a fabulous job instructed her. From beginning to end she did an amazing job and Viv was all smiles the entire time!! Amber spent so much time with us showing us around your farm and introducing us to some of the gorgeous horses and ponies there. We felt so special being there and surrounded by not only the beauty of your farm and horses but also with someone who took such great care in showing us all you have to offer at Cameron Oaks.

We hope to sign Vivian up for lessons!!!! She was in love with it!! We just need to figure out (with three children) when would be the best time to work it into our schedule with all their activities. We may get through Christmas and all the hustle and bustle (and fun!!!) of that month and look to see about getting her signed up with Amber.

We look forward to coming back out there soon!!!

Sissy Barrett

Last Sat quote from Alexandra: "mommy, I wish there was only one day in the week, and that day was Saturday, then I could ride horses everyday". Her joy speaks so much volume for the level of quality of trainers, horses, and facility...there is no comparison, that's why we drive almost an hour to get to Cameron Oaks!

Elizabeth K.

Hi Susie,
I spoke with you a couple of days ago about my daughter, Caroline, beginning riding lessons at Cameron Oaks. I know you get a ton of letters - but I had to share our experience with you.
Caroline is six and has only done a summer camp this year. She had fallen in love with riding (and one horse in particular), but was upset when they didn't have room for her in the lesson group. They recommended your farm to us and I am so glad!
Caroline is doing the camp next week but came in last night for a lesson with Amber. I am so impressed with her and the facility! Amber was very patient with Caroline, and I was surprised at how much she remembered. What really impressed me however, was my daughter. I have four children and Caroline, along with her twin brother, are in the middle. Her confidence and excitement after the lesson was unbelievable! She thanked me three different times on our way home last night for taking her to the farm and letting her have a lesson. This is NOT Caroline's personality! She went to bed with the biggest smile on her face and said, "I love it there! I want to ride horses for the rest of my life!" This from a child who doesn't "like to get hot and sweaty". LOL! I am so thankful that Caroline has found something that she loves and a place where she loves doing it. She is beginning weekly lessons next week after camp and is thrilled. I just wanted to let you know our experience and how positive it was.

Thanks so much and we'll see you Monday!

Cecily L.